Urbanixm gives you effective access to urbanism knowledge


The Urbanixm Explorer is a software-as-a-service search engine for accessing up-to-date information on a wide range of urban topics.

Effective query refinement over the knowledge-base content providing tailored information views to meet user needs.

Status (2023-05-09)

The Urbanixm Explorer has been taken offline temporarily while we explore funding options for further development.


Urbanixm Stories is a series of interactive overviews of a selection of urban topics, interventions and their impact.

The stories give a sneak-preview in to the contents of the Urbanixm knowledge-base.

Status (2023-05-09)

The Urbanixm Stories have been taken offline temporarily while we explore funding options for further development.

We apply an AI content pipeline

Our crawlers traverse the web in search of potentially relevant urbanism content. Special attention is given to web-sites dedicated to cities or other urban topics.

All web-pages encountered by our crawlers are passed through a series of content classifiers that determine if they cover any of the multiple urban topics covered by our system.

The relevant web-pages are analyzed further, and we extract quotes that discuss urban interventions, their impact, other useful statistical information, as well the places to which the information refers.

Urbanixm helps those who make our cities a better place


Seek inspiration into ways to reach desired outcomes.

Find appropriate support examples for disseminating policy decisions.

  • What did Oslo do to achieve Vision Zero?
  • What has been the impact of comparable cycling network investments in other cities?


Explore designs that have been tried and tested.

Find good impact examples to communicate design choices.

  • Which cities are investing in blue-green infrastructure?
  • Where have road-diets resulted in increased economic activity?


Access up-to-date research on a specific urbanism topic.

Strengthen their position as though leaders in their area.

  • What has been the impact of e-scooters?
  • How does decentralization of workplaces impact commute demand?