Urbanixm carries out literature and data research on any urban topic

Literature research

Urbanixm delivers desk research on a custom urban topic, incorporating insights from around the globe. We provide overview of urban policy implementation, such as the speed limits for e-scooter. We summarize existing evidence about the impact of urban interventions, such as super-blocks or other types of low traffic neighborhoods.

The literature research is useful when seeking inspiration for urban policy or interventions, and for providing real impact examples to support a policy or intervention decision.

Data research

Urbanixm delivers data research where we analyse a an urban dataset and draw insights tailored to the clients' information needs. The final deliverable is can either be an interactive data exploration application as well as a static pdf report.

The data research is useful when insights from data are needed but the technical know-how is not present.

Our process . . .

A literature and data research project is composed of 5-7 stages and is expected to last 6-8 weeks. The 5 key stages are shown below, and for 7 stage projects an additional intermediate deliverable and review meeting is added before the final delverable.

The Urbanixm consultancy project process from a scoping kick-off to final deliverable and presentation.